Hack Facebook Account – Facebook Hacker

Hack Facebook Accounts In Simple Steps

Do you want to crack facebook passwords? Facebook is the most widely use social networking site around the world, with billions of people using it on daily basis. People want to Hack FB accounts due to many reasons. To spy on their girlfriends inbox, To check what their friends are upto or Just for fun. Whatever the reason is, you will help you in Hacking facebook accounts.

We have found a great way to Hack facebook account using a Technical glitch that enables us to crack facebook passwords using our software. After months of hardwork we have developed this tool and sharing this software Free of cost!

>>> Click Here – Download Facebook Hacker <<<

Download FaceBook Hacker To Hack Facebook Account

Here is how you can get into other peoples facebook account using our software –

  • Click on Download facebook hacker
  • Complete a Survey – You need to complete any 1 survey, to prevent the misuse of this software.
  • Once you completed a Survey, Your software will start downloading automatically.
  • Unzip the file, Run the software.
  • Enter Victim’s facebook profile address in bar and Run software, That it! Password will be cracked in 10-15 minutes

There are many legitimate reasons to hack facebook password. There have been cases where spouses cheat on each other or you suspect someone of malicious intent, then you can use this facebook hacker to find out what they are upto.

hack facebook account - facebook hacker

>>> Download Facebook Account Hacker <<<

Ways To Hack Facebook Account Free

Our site helps you to access facebook accounts by cracking their passwords. Make sure to use this tool responsibly and do not share this software with anyone. People do not sell it, since if FB found out this Exploit, it may be patched. If this happens, the tool will not work for anyone, so be sure not to misuse this golden opportunity! Here are some ways by which out facebook hacking software will crack password of any facebook account –

  1. Facebook Exploit – A software defect which can decode passwords based on password recovery technique.
  2. Facebook Penetration Testing – By exploiting bugs in code.
  3. Brute Forcing: by trying various combinations of username and passwords
  4. Wave-Sync Attacks – Compromise the password using complex algorithms.

This is an unpatched method to hack facebook account so you can easily get into victims fb and hack Facebook profile and messages. You can read all their messages from inbox, send messages to friends by pretending to be that user and also delete the facebook account. Our team has 100% success rate in hacking the passwords since last 4 months. Our software works though proxies and you are fully protected. This tool covers its tracks so you are not exposed to any kinds of dangers.

A lot of websites are selling this tool for hundreds of dollars, but we’re giving it to you for free! You just need to complete a survey, which helps our team to pay bills of hosting and development. There is No Cost for you to use this great tool and you can crack as many facebook accounts as you need. The owner of the account will not come to know that his details have been compromised. This code is written by professional coders and hackers so you don’t need to worry at all. All you need to do is to enter facebook URL of the target and run the software, it will run automatically and start hacking facebook account of the victim step by step. It could take 5 minutes to 16 minutes based on your internet’s speed but don’t worry, the success rate will be guranteed 100%. Hence this way, you do not need anyone else’s help and you wont need to ask anymore – How to hack facebook accounts. You will be able to do it yourself using this tool. You can use it unlimited number of times, but make sure to use it in a well behaved manner, as it is very powerful application.

The logic behind the use of Facebook hacker is very complex. It uses password recovery and a combination of exploits. With months of coding and development and advanced programming concepts, this tool can hack facebook accounts as per your need, in just minutes. Software requirements to run this application-

  • You need to be connected to internet while running this application
  • You need a computer. Just click start & keep the software running till you recover the password.

We have a 100 percent success rate in hacking facebook passwords. Also this is completely anonymous and legal, so no need to worry at all. Our service is completely free of charges and safe to use. If you have any issues running this application, feel free to contact us by email and we will be glat to help you with any queries you may have. We have a huge list of inbuilt passwords starting from common password, such as “123456”, “admin123”, “iloveyou”, “letmein” etc to more complex and mathematical passwords that include symbols like “@, #, $” – We are good in cracking any of them.

This Software is Free to Download. It works great to hack facebook accounts of any country, All you need to do is A) Complete the Survey B) Download Application C) Run Tool
Beware of duplicate tools on other sites, which ask you to pay money and their software may have virus or adware. So get started to hack facebook passwords by utilizing this amazing Facebook Hacker.

Hacking Proofs:

hack facebook passwords


39 thoughts on “Hack Facebook Account – Facebook Hacker

  1. denny

    Seems like a good hack, downloading it now. I’m very interested in hacking into Facebook accounts and Would like to learn how to do it. Thanks for this great share.

  2. james

    How can i start hacking a facebook account? should i download this software on my computer first? please let me know as i need to crack a Facebook profiles urgently.

    1. chandwaney123 Post author

      1) Finish any free survey (to support our sponsor)
      2) download will begin automatically
      3) then run the tool and enter victims facebook account url or email id, click start. The software will do the rest!

  3. mark

    Great tool, i learnt how to hack social network password instantly! so easy to use, just did a survey, downloaded tool and i run the software. It will ask for facebook id, once you enter that and run the exploit, rest is done automatically. There’s many other methods that I’ve tried before.. like phishing attacks, keylogging but before this i was never successful to hack password online. Now im pretty much free to decrypt any Facebook accounts using this link.

  4. goldy

    I’ve read about many hacking techniques and tutorials before, but till date, none was working. I can confirm this works!

    I used to gain unauthorized access to my buddy’s social account and logged on using his password. Great toolkit – now i can call myself a fb hacker..

  5. Walter

    You do not have to spend money on a facebook hacking software that is crappy. Remember, you will stumble on several programs like this in the black market, where all it does is to give false hopes to its buyers. So you have to be very careful when choosing one. On the other hand, do not waste your time and effort on free software programs that do not work! It is actually hard to tell which program for hacking a facebook account is good and which is not.

    Fortunately, there is a closer way to know whether a program is effective in hacking a facebook account password, and that is to follow the steps the Author have provided you above, for using our facebook hacking software. This Software Works 100% tested myself Several times!

    1. chandwaney123 Post author

      You’re right walter, many sites are selling this software for $100-$500 but we’re giving this away for free since we believe in open source and learning. No need to use those sites, just do a survey, download facebook hacker tool and start hacking account here 🙂

  6. Dan

    Are you looking for a software program that will let you easily hack facebook account? If your answer is a “Yes”, then look no more because in this website, its available for free! Admin is a personal friend and a popular hacker. They are going to give you a chance of downloading a facebook hacking program without paying a dime! Yes, you read it right! Our software is free of charge, but we will be asking you to do simple tasks that will just take a few minutes of your time before we give you full access to the download link. Don’t worry! The task is very simple of survey completion. It does not require a lot of thinking, so this is something you might really want to push through if you want to hack a facebook account. Just finish a Survey and you can download it instantly…

  7. jabob

    When we speak about social media, only one word comes into the mind of the majority, and that is no other than Facebook. Facebook started in 2001, and from that time on, it has already expanded, wherein the reports say that it has already accumulated billions of registered users from all across the world, making facebook one of the biggest (if not the biggest) social media platforms of today. The nice thing about facebook is that it is not only used by private individuals, but businesses too. So if you are looking to hack facebook account of a business or a company that you might want to sneak on, then using This hacking software is the way to go.

  8. smith

    downloaded this tool and i was able to hack 2 passwords in less than 25 minutes. for those who are struggling with this one, just follow these steps..

    1) click download & complete a survey
    2) download zip
    3) extract and run the tool.
    4) enter the facebook profile or email id of your facebook victim whose password you would like to hack
    5) click start and done!

    this is the best password finder softwar i’ve ever soon for any social networks and its worikng confirmed! Many security researcher have confirmed this facbook hack that can compromise facebook account and this exploit is working great at the moment!

  9. dr. house

    tried this and working! first i thought it wont work bought i think I should give this hack facebook login tool a try. It’s able to connect to fb server and attack the account by trying 1000’s of combination to facebook database servers in few seconds. for ethical reasons, i tried hacker this on my own wife’s account and see if could breach facebook security. It retrieved the encrypted password in 7-8 minutes and took another 3 minute to decrypt the hash algorithm and i was able to hack facebook password in 12 minutes flat!

    Among any Phishing Attacks, keylogging tools i’ve tried, this is the fastest hacking tool i’ve ever downloaded. Thanks for sharing!!!! do you have any softwares for Hack Twitter Account?

  10. monica

    Does this facebook account hacker software still work? please give me exact info how to download and install on Mac Operatiing system. i am very new to this. ive been to hackersforum but all their software is rubbish. I want to learn to hack n crack social networking pass using explot coding and security penetration tests. ive also download and install havij – tool a remote vulnerablity search tool that can find bugs in coding and hack accounts.

    1. chandwaney123 Post author

      Yes this software is still working @monica, do a survey (to prevent leechers who download for free and sell it) once you do survey, it’ll be downloaded and just extract and run the software using winzip or winrar

  11. anton

    one can use this hack tool for legit reasons like checking if your spouse or kids are doing something wrong? That way, you will be able to take action at an early time, given that you have discovered something suspicious going on in his or her account…

  12. judy

    @anton you couldn’t have been more right! Think of mothers or fathers who were able to save the lives of their children, because they were able to spot a suspicious person at once, just before this person can harm the child.

    Good luck and thank you for giving out this hack facebook.com account software. I hope that this software will help everyone in any way this software may serve you…

  13. Dan

    hacking isn’t good! you should not distribute such software on the net. Obsession – this is another reason why people hack facebook account. This person might have a very strong attraction on someone who shows no interest to reciprocate the feelings. As a result, the obsessed person stalk, sneaks, and would not mind going over the limits of intruding someone’s privacy.

    1. chandwaney123 Post author

      If you’re concerned about good or bad, then you should only use it for ethical purpose, we never encourage you to do bad stuff to people’s facebook, that choice is yours. We’re just giving you guys a working facebook hack and how you use this exploit is on you.

      Hack FB Account Support

  14. vargas

    If you want to hack facebook account for whatever purpose it may serve you, then you have come to the right page! This tool works, i downloaded it and used it to hack my girlfriend’s facebook account and turns out she had been cheating. even though im heart broken, thanks so much that i found this application!

  15. Maxwell

    I’ve downloaded and used this, already 1 decryted facebook password. Big Vouch! This is the best hack facebook 2014 hacks!

    After hitting the download link, you will be prompted to a page where you will be asked to participate in a survey. The survey questions were easy and fun, so you will not have a hard time doing this simple task. After successfully submitting your survey form, the download for Latest Hacking Softwares 2014 link will be available. Go ahead and click that link and install the program to your computer. Downloading the software for hacking a facebook account will only take a few minutes. You can steal anyone’s facebook password real fast. Thanks for sharing this Facebook Hacker 2014 Application

  16. Marcus

    How to hack a facebook account for free? I am going to download now but I want to be sure. Facebook is by far the biggest social network and i’d love a working facebook hack for sure. I know this is quite risky due to the fact that people may get anyone’s personal details and consequences can be serious. Your tool seems genuine about the facebook hack mechanism. I want to obtain the passwords of my facebook friends, relatives using this software. If this can beat high security measures then I will donate money for development of more tools.

    As everyone knows, hacking into a facebook account is no easy task. Also I want to know which programming language is this facebook password hacker coded in?

  17. Leo

    facebook has billions of active users, but strangely this hack is working!

    Despite the security concerns, fb is not 100% secure, but people share everything including personal details on fb. thats funny! I find this hack very useful, though some may use it for malicious purposes. People can practically steal any identity using this soft and gain access to anyone’s Facebook profile. THere are many method to do this, use this tool or “Reset the Password method” anduse of Keylogger if u have access to victims pc.

    I’ve even seen some people clone the facebook website and then stealing cookies. Its very diffcult for target to protect themselves from such methods. Using HTTPS version is best to protect yourself from phishing scams and hacks. There’s so many facebook hacking guides online, unbelievable!

  18. palmer

    There are legitimate security concerns over all big social networks like facebook and twitter. some hacking groups have confirmed that they have the resources to make tools like this to hack social network accounts. thanks for sharing this password cracking software. Using this tool its pretty easy to hack facebook inbox and read others messages without them knowing. Also there’s many other guides and tutorials that can let you can hack logins but this application is the fastest hacking tool around.

  19. jenna

    hacking a facebook account is unethical, illegal and its an invasion of privacy. more over you might get in trouble if the owner of the facebook account finds out and report to the website. how can someone do this to anyone??

    1. Admin

      Thanks for your input Jenna, but thats only 1 side of the story. There have been cases where ethical hacking of facebook accounts has helped to catch criminals and parents have found their kids involved in stuff they should not be doing and this has helped many people. This facebook exploit to hack passwords is based on complex algorithm and codes so that it can retrieve the password and it can be used for many good purposes for the society.

  20. Sean

    Great hack software, your application is working fine, already got into 2 facebook.com accounts after i got their passwords using your tool!
    can you also hack twitter and pinterest account? I’m willing to pay money for hacking twitter account and hacking youtube account tool

  21. Paul

    Even i want to learn “how to hack a Facebook account?” I have tried many tutorial to hack facebook password but most of them don’t work. I read above comments and everyone is saying this tool works..

    does your software use some facebook exploit or brute force attack? Can It be hacked into unverified accounts? I want to compromise my friends Facebook account

  22. Rock

    how can i hack facebook account for free? i’d like to hacking my girlfriend’s social network account i think she is cheating on me, please let me know!

    1. chandwaney123 Post author

      hey there, just download the tool using our website.

      You’ll need to do a survey 1st, this is to prevent abuse our application (since we’re giving it for free)

      once you’ve done the survey, the download will begin automatically. then you can extract it from zip file and run it. Enter your targets facebook id in it and run the software. let it run it it finds the password of the facebook account that it your victim.

      This usually takes 5-15 minutes. Cheers!

  23. Jeremy

    how to hack facebook password? can you please give me some detailed instructions.. i already downloaded zip file. mail email me, thank you very much!

  24. Steve

    There are many scammers websites who claim to offer free tools that supposedly hack Facebook for obtaining access to password and hence inbox, but this application is 100% legit and its working really great!

    Some sites even asked to me like or follow fanpages or share facebook pages but all this site asks is to do a simple survey. I did the survey and downloaded the software and it works! Already hacked 2 facebook account in couple of hours.. Thanks a ton!!

  25. Jessie

    I download this application to get back my hijacked Facebook account! First i thought this is scam too but I did 2 surveys and downloaded software and its completely legitimate facebook hacker tool.

    Some sites will give fake tools and do clickjacking but this is the real deal. I recovered by hijacked facebook account using this and this is surely “ethical hacking” – best share ever. EPIC!

  26. linda

    I’ve seen many sites offering to Download apps for Facebook Hacker. They say that now, hack into any Facebook account completely free of charge. Is it legit? Can I hack into accs using mobile number of victims? I really need some tools that can do hacking. Looking for new tips and tricks for hacking fb accounts that really work!

  27. Bree

    can you please post a hacking video of hacking facebook account step by step? I’ve read about some exploit for sale for $500 on a website that can hack into facebook account of any friends, is that true? THank you for sharing your tool software. I will download and try this when i get back from work and report if it is currently working or not. I want to hack Facebook password of my friends.

  28. Paula

    I have read many blogs related to news related to facebook hacking, hackers, tricks, security, tips, & about many more.. but this tool really work. I’ve seen many spam mails about this before and some sites which are made professionally but none of them were working, finally i found this software and its 100% working in cracking facebook account passwords. I got into 4 logins already and doing more as I speak…

  29. lula

    i completely agree with the original poster. this is very ethical and parents can use this to monitor their kids activity on facebook. This is not about steal passwords, but keeping an eye on people we care. How someone uses this is upon them and this website shouldn’t be help responsible at all for someone else’s activities. they are just giving knowledge!

  30. Venky

    This is one of the best social engineering and phreaking tools. I downloaded hack facebook profile tool from here and found its working. much thanks for this great share!

  31. dean

    I can I get pas beyond fb security mechanish using this tool? I want to find passwords of my facebook friends and their logins. Is this program 100% fast, reliable and secure? as I dont want to get into any trouble.


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